Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Karl Urban - Pathfinder - Seventh Post


You are probably wondering if I'm going to say anything about Star Trek. I am. But until I'm finished with it here are some pictures from the movie PATHFINDER.

Pathfinder, a remake of the 1987 Norwegian movie Ofelas, opened in theaters on September 8, 2004. In this movie, Karl plays the grown version of a Norse boy left behind on the Eastern Shore after a shipwreck. He was raised by the very native inhabitants his people had intended to destroy. When the Vikings return to finish what they started, Karl's character, now known as Ghost, fights to defend those who are now his family.

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Lori-ann said...

He's one tough guy!

The kids and I walked 2.4 miles yesterday.

I'm tired.

Jaime Theler said...

5.3 miles running this morning. Boo-yah!

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