Thursday, April 30, 2009

Karl Urban - The Return of the King - Third post

The Return of the King

Karl Urban as EOMER
Éomer rode with his king to the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, and fought bravely for Rohan and Gondor.

Théoden, the king, was mortally wounded in the battle, and named Éomer as his successor.

Believing his sister Éowyn to be slain by the Witch-king, he threw himself and his men wildly at the enemy.

Surrounded and outnumbered by the Orcs, he was rescued when Aragorn arrived from Pelargir, thereby fulfilling his prediction that they would meet and fight together in battle. He later accompanied Aragorn to the Gates of Mordor and the Field of Cormallen. - see Wikipedia entry Eomer.

9 days until the release of Star Trek.


Jaime Theler said...

Just how many pictures do you have of him?? Wow. I'm counting down the days too, but I probably won't see it opening weekend. I'm not sure I want to risk life & limb to go. But I'm really tempted...

Deborah said...

I have a bunch... far too many to actually put on my blog.

Also waiting for Star Trek. But who have thought I'd be more interested in the McCoy character than in Spock??? Something is seriously wrong with me.

Lori-ann said...

Yes, that is VERY surprising...

Spock vs. McCoy. Who will win?

You go for the rough, rugged, dirty man look, so it seems. ;)

Drool bucket full yet?