Monday, April 27, 2009

Karl Urban - The Two Towers - Second Post

The Two Towers

Karl Urban as EOMER

Son of Theodwyn and Eomund;
a nephew of Theoden, King of Rohan;
Third Marshal of Riddermark.

Karl Urban launched into the second installment of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Two Towers, starring in the dynamic role of Rohan warrior Eomer. Director/Writer/Producer Peter Jackson cast New Zealand actor Urban in The Lord of the Rings after viewing a rough cut of the critically acclaimed indie film The Price of Milk, which garnered Urban a Best Actor nomination at The New Zealand Film Awards.

Read an awesome Karl Urban [interview.]

11 days until the release of Star Trek.


There and back again...and again... said...

We adore him here in this house!!! btw, this is Terra

Deborah said...

Terra - I figured that was you. Glad to see you have great taste. But I knew it all the time.

Mary Lindsey said...

Love Karl Urban! I can't wait for Star Wars. Big fan. Your blog is always a joy to read. Thanks.

Deborah said...

Mary - I can't wait for Star Trek either. I practically grew up on it. But who would have thought I'd be more interested in McCoy than Spock? What a strange turn of things.