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I liked it; it was a relaxing dip into the waters of bread-and-butter fantasy without being overly epic or underdeveloped. This is one of those fundamental fantasy stories that doesn't rely on elves, dwarves or dragons, or a quest for a sword or a ring or treasure or anything like that. It's more of an adjustment from a complacent lifestyle to a demanding life of action, and the character responds to it with admirable composure.
Graham Bradley at

From the very beginning this book just takes hold of you and never lets go. I felt that I was right there with Vayhawk and Senea every step of the way through it all. It's a unique fantasy unlike anything I've ever read before and I highly recommend it to anyone who is into fantasy or just wants to read a romantic and action filled story. ShayShay on

I am currently rereading this novel for the nth time. I've lost count. This book is my most treasured, it rocks. Senea and Vayhawk are identifiable characters, and some of the most three-dimensionally written I've seen. With their struggle with Sky, Yunab, and the Ja'sid power the warrior-style novel never had it written so good. In a sweeping story of magic, war, and unlikely love and hate, this book ranks at the top.By A customer on

 5.0 out of 5 stars This Book is Wonderful
Like my title says, this book is wonderful. The characters are perfectly developed so you really get into everything they're feeling and doing. Also, the romance between Senea and Vayhawk is beautifully written, it's never tactless. Unfortunately this book is no longer in print, and the author never wrote many books. She should definitely write more though because The Heldan is one of the greatest books any sci/fi or fantasy fan could ever read. By May "geek queen" on

 5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic, September 15, 2004
I read this years ago, and it's one of those books I re-read all the time. By loonigrrl (Los Angeles, CA) - on

The dialogue is good (short and to the point), it is full of action (fights between trainers, trainees, and the bad guys), and the "relationship" between Sky, Vayhawk, Treyna, and Senea, full of love and hate and fighting, really make it worth reading (no seriously - I usually hate these kinds of things, but it's awesomely written here, realistic and all the people are very 3-Dimensional).Sonic Le "A. Le" (Florida, USA) - on

5 Stars- Still love this book - almost 20 years later!!, January 18, 2013
By Kerry Neibergall
I was VERY happy (and surprised) to see it as an e-book now - my old printed book is getting very worn! We need more books from this author!

5 Stars- An Intriguing New World, February 12, 2013
By Jennifer D. Hudson "Jennifer" makes me want an entire series set in this world. Seriously, where are books 2-12? ;)

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Thea Price said...

I first found Deborah T. Bickmore almost 20 years ago and The Heldan was the first book of hers I read. I immediately fell in love with it and subsequently found and read her other books.

The world is easy to fall into, good fantasy without being too complicated to follow. I've never experienced writing such as Bickmore's and I've read ALOT of fantasy. She is amazing at character development and these are some of the most well rounded characters I've experienced, especially considering it's all from Senea's vantage, yet the reader feels as if they know each person intimately.

Senea is such a dynamic heroine. In the beginning, she is shy and unsure of herself but we see glimpses of an inner strength that makes her challenge even the highest authority for what she believes. Held law is mandated and she is called to become the personal apprentice of Vayhawk, the Heldlord of all the helden. Her journey to becoming a heldan is fraught with intrigue and political machinations that she is not prepared for, but she quickly understands the risk she poses to Vayhawk and does her best to protect him while maintaining her own values.

Her relationship with Vayhawk is complicated. She is at one time his destined mate but also a weapon and the fulfillment of a premonition. Their feelings are deep for one another from the get-go, but forces keep trying to pull them apart and Senea's fear holds her back from giving her entire heart to him. Vayhawk, on the other hand, is the epitome of delicious alpha male. He has a plan and is in control of everything around him. He knows what he wants and is not afraid to do whatever necessary to get it.

In other words, this book is unique. A heroine who is feminine enough to accept protection from Vayhawk but is a strong warrior in her own right. She kicks butt! Vayhawk is the perfect picture of a dominant male who is still gentle and loving, and supporting characters like Roskel, Treyna, Yunab, Aldived, and Sky each contribute a unique component to the story.

I've loved it for 20 years and I cannot wait to love it, and further sequels, for another 20. Thank you, Deborah T. Bickmore, from the bottom of my heart, for fulfilling a dream of mine - to see this story flourish and grow!!!!

And btw, read "The Apprentice" also by this author - you won't be disappointed! And I cannot wait to start on her new book "Crown of Dragons".