Crown of Dragons

Seventeen-year-old Alexandra Owen is convinced her small town in Western Colorado has to be the most boring place to live—just an average oil town with the usual high school full of rich, popular girls and dull guys that Alex wouldn’t want to date if she planned on ever getting romantically involved anyway. But her boring town becomes a whole lot more interesting with the arrival of Slade, a gorgeous stranger dressed all in leather who, for reasons Alex can’t fathom, has eyes only for her. Before long, Slade’s equally striking, but much more dangerous, brother Rance also shows up, determined to get to Alex first.  

To keep her from Rance, Slade drags Alex into the desert, pursued by a very live, very deadly dragon. With the discovery that Alex has dragon blood running through her veins, she is thrown in the middle of a battle between the two brothers to rule a world where dragons are real, royal blood gives humans mind power over the legendary creatures, and she is vital to the outcome. Deathly afraid of both lizards and heights, Alex not only must survive midair dragon fights, but use her own wits and burgeoning powers to keep from being just another pawn in a power struggle. Then she might stay alive long enough to choose the brother she loves.

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