Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Awesome Give Away #5 - Manic Bloom

better than chocolate
and unlike Jaime, I love chocolate

I was going to save this give away until last because I'm really excited about it, but I couldn't wait. So here it is--

Manic Bloom, In Loving Memory.

Music is a big part of my writing. I'm always on the look out for a group that can help me get into the fictional worlds I try to bring to life. It's rare to find a group that has something to inspire me. It's even rarer to find a group that offers that inspiration with every song they've recorded.

Manic Bloom is one of those groups. Not only are they talented, their music is much better than the commercial stuff you find everywhere else.

I loved loved loved their first EP---played it until the songs were burned in my head and I could hear them without the help of the CD player. When my muse flagged I'd crank Manic Bloom up, shut out of the world and wait for the words to start pouring out.

I also anxiously waited for their second EP. Especially after hearing Toynbee.

My copy of In Loving Memory was a gift. Knowing how much I like Manic Bloom, Lori Cunningham gave it to me for my birthday. (Belated - but hey - it was a surprise.)

I couldn't wait to play it. Half way through Never Back Down I knew I had found my new favorite Manic Bloom song.

Until halfway through Death and Conversation--- That was my new favorite Manic Bloom song.

Then the next one. That too was a favorite. And so it went through the whole EP. I loved each song better than the one before it. What can I say? This is really good music.

I could take the space to talk about all the of separate talents that make up Manic Bloom, but I've done that before. (see review link below) Everyone of them is awesome and together they have created one of the best groups I have come across in a long time. I look for them to keep getting better and bigger.

Now here is Toynbee.

So what do you have to do to win your copy of this fantastic EP? Just leave a comment and your contact information.

Now go over to [Bookmom Musing] for another chance to win In Loving Memory. Then go over to Lori Cunningham's [Reflections] for another chance to win In Loving Memory. And keep tuned for all of this week's winners.

Official Manic Bloom website: [manicbloom.com]
My review: [The Magic of Manic Bloom]

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L.T. Elliot said...

Awesome! You've had them on your player. Good stuff!

Pendragon said...

very cool sounding music. i'll be honest--i hadn't heard their group before. Sounds totally worth looking up :) thanks!

Kyle said...

Kyle Hinterser
2669 Westmoreland Dr.
Granite City, Illinois 62040

Shauna said...

Hadn't heard them before. Loving their music on your site. Would love to win this. I'm a fan of listening to music while I write also.