Monday, February 2, 2009

The Magic of Manic Bloom

Status: Persevering
Song: Answer - Manic Bloom

Manic Bloom Bursting Onto The Scene

A few months ago, in my quest to find music to write to, I came across a group called Manic Bloom on Ourstage.

The song was called Running From the Scene. Within the first 10 seconds I knew I had found something extraordinary. I listened to the song all the way through and was 'bowled over'. I searched out the other two songs they had on Ourstage, and since I loved those as well, I bought all three off the site.

Note - OurStage is a place where independent artists compete against other independent artists and the fans decide the winner. Kind of like American Idol: internet style. See Ourstage [here.]

I got two more Manic Bloom songs off iTunes...well, actually three because there was an extended version of What Scares You Most, so I got that as well.

Manic Bloom claims to be inspired by Muse, Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World, and Coldplay. They say, though, their stuff mostly reminds you of Muse.

The trick to sounding like another group, especially one as big as Muse, is not falling into the trap of being a rehash of that group. Manic Bloom didn't even come close to the trap. While being similar to Muse, Manic Bloom is distinctly their own.

The group Manic Bloom is made up of very talented musicians. Besides having a really strong front man, the band's sound is sophisticated, going far beyond the usual constructions that most music groups use today. The use of non typical chord progressions, a pianist that knows his way around the keyboard, a drummer that actually drums instead of just keeping the beat, a guitarist that knows how to use chunky sounds as well as intricacies that lift the guitar above the average, and a really good bassist that uses complex bass lines, makes this group the exception to the rest of the rock scene.

Manic Bloom will soon be a band to be reckoned with. Sure-footedness is all through their music. Their sound will propel them to the top of the game.

David Stevenson as front man, talented vocalist.

Jeff Brinkley--impressive on the drums.

Andy Neale on the bass. (And a five string one at that.)
I love really good bass.

Matt Lawrence--outstanding on the guitar.

Jeff Hildebrand--brilliant keyboardist.

Can you tell I really like this group?

Betrayer is the best representation of what this band can do. It's not only the music but the voice that grabs your attention. It begins with echo-y keyboard and guitar as Stevenson slips in with lyrics that are disturbing and at the same time beautiful with painful regret. The keyboard and guitar continues behind Stevenson getting stronger and stronger through the piece, creating a song that is not only gut wrenching, but dazzling. (I wish I knew the story behind the song.)

Running From The Scene is an emotional, philosophical, and sophisticated piece of rock music. Not only is the guitar show cased here, but the clever way the piece is put together, not repeating the sections in exactly the way it was played before (called theme and variation), shows what talent this group actually has.

Everything I Saved You From is full of strong sounds and at the same time intricacies of beat and timing. The lyrics hit note for note with the fitting musical backdrop. In this piece you can hear all the talent this group has—the drums, the keyboard, the guitars, and the voice.

Tonight's When I Say Goodbye is my second favorite, for all the reasons I've already listed as being exceptional in the other songs. Trying to pick one song over the other is difficult.

There are other songs, some of which you'll only find on their [Myspace Page]. I could say something about each of them, but then, what would you have to discover for yourself? With that in mind, to make it easy for you to hear this group, I've put what songs I could on the playlist.

Manic Bloom is a solid group full of hard-edged aggression over soaring melodies. The momentum is here, and if Manic Bloom can catch it at the right time, this will be the next big thing.

All photos borrowed from Manic Bloom Myspace Page.
(If I got the names wrong, I'm certain I will be informed.)

Brinkley - Drums
Hildee - Keys
Burn - Guitar
Roo - Bass
Dave - Vocals

Official Manic Bloom Website
Myspace page
Ourstage fan Club

You can find their EP on

Manic Bloom EP

Label:Brinklebrand Records
Release Date:May 27, 2008
Number of Tracks:6

1To The Edge
2What Scares You Most
3Running From The Scene
4Tonight's When I Say Goodbye
6Everything I Saved You From


Jaime Theler said...

Awesome review for an awesome group!

suavenerd said...

You're awesome - thanks Deborah!


Lori-ann said...

I love what I have heard so far. Makes me want to listen to more.


Anonymous said...

That is a well educated review to a great band. You said, about the song Betrayer, that you wished you knew the background story to it. I believe I can help you out. It sounds like they are talking about a man named Judas Iscariot, who was one of the twelve disciples (students/followers) of a man named Jesus Christ. Jesus was teaching the new law, and some leaders did not like that. Those leaders had Roman officials hunt him down. Judas sold Jesus to the Roman officials for thirty pieces of silver. Subsequently, Jesus was brutally killed by the Roman government as punishment. That is what the song is talking about. It is from Judas' perspective. It explains how he felt after he betrayed Jesus. Judas' side of the story ends with suicide by hanging. It is a sad story, but in it contains the heart of a religion. Christianity is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. You see, according to Jesus' followers and some 50 (I think) other people, Jesus Christ rose from the dead. This part of the story is at the end of the song. Christians believe that when Jesus died He was paying for the world's sins, and when he came back to life, he conquered the grave and sin.

Anonymous said...

Hi - I have been looking everywhere for the song 'Answer' - I noticed on their website they have it up as an unreleased track - do you have any idea where I can find this track to download?

I love these guys and I would hate to be missing (what sounds like an awesome song via the live youtube video) a great song like this.

Any help would be appreciated - also there is another track I can't seem to find..

Any help?

Thank you.

Deborah said...

Anonymous: Technically ANSWER is not a Manic Bloom song, but is one from the lead singer's other list. You can find it on his MySpace page

Deborah said...
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Deborah said...

Anonymous: I have a correction from David about to my last comment. "Answer is a song that we play live, but haven't recorded yet. So - it IS a Manic Bloom song, just not one that can be downloaded anywhere. But until then, I hope people will be satisfied with hearing it on my myspace!"