Sunday, June 21, 2009

Karl Urban - Star Trek - Post Ten


Karl Urban strenuously objects to space travel as Doctor McCoy
According to most reviewers, one of the stand out performances in the new J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie is Karl Urban’s interpretation of Doctor [Bones] McCoy. In his brief interview for SciFi Now, which features interviews with all the Star Trek cast members, Urban talked a little about how he perceives McCoy.

“He is a character full of compassion and pain. He has an amazing personal prime directive to help and heal others, whether friend or foe. That’s his calling in life. I see him as a staunch and avid supporter of Jim Kirk. Through the course of this film, we get to see their friendship develop from their initial meeting to their days in Starfleet, and we come to understand the bond of their friendship. To me that was often the most interesting dynamic in material I got to play, because there is a distinct difference between how McCoy feels about Kirk or, say, any given situation and how he reacts.”

You can read more from Karl Urban as well as interviews with all the other key players in Star Trek, in the current issue of SciFi Now , which as it happens, is out now.

Karl Urban interview: From Comanche Moon's Old West to Star Trek's Exciting Future


Eric said...

I have to say that Karl Urban was the most believable character in the movie. He nailed Bones better than any other actor, tying in where the character would go in the far future as well as giving the character depth in the here and now. He was the one character I really enjoyed watching in this movie.

Hannah said...

I loved the new Star Trek movie, and McCoy was really fun to watch--they had some great comedic scenes with him.

Lori-ann said...

Amazing the similarities between the two actors, isn't it. Did he do a good job? What did YOU think?

I have done 19.25 miles since my last update. From now on I'm going to do it every day so I don't get behind. :S None of those miles were from a spin class.

Nova said...

I absolutely love the new Star Trek movie. I think all the actors/actresses did such a phenomenal job portraying the Enterprise crew. Karl Urban is an excellent "Bones"!

Jaime Theler said...

He was so awesome as Dr. McCoy!

Let's see... miles.

Wed, 6/17 - 3.1 miles

6/19-6/20 - 18.2 miles. *Whew*