Monday, June 15, 2009

Beginning Isn't So Easy - The Come Back


Just because you make up your mind to change doesn't mean its going to happen.

Well, yeah... I knew that going into this come-back thing.

The hardest part is always the beginning.

Kind of like the space shuttle.

The facts - At liftoff, when the shuttle is fully fueled it weighs about 2.0 million kilo... something.

The two solid rocket boosters carry the entire weight of the external fuel tank and the orbiter, plus each solid rocket booster weighing in at about 589,569.16..... um... a lot.

The upshot - The solid rocket boosters provide 71.4 percent of the thrust for about 120 seconds (two minutes) before they burn out. The orbiter's other three main engines provide the meager 28.6 percent thrust to reach orbit.

So it takes 71.4 percent of the effort to just get started. Once on a roll you don't need as much effort to keep going.

The overall power of a space shuttle at takeoff is about 12 GW or 12 billion watts of power. That's about 16 million horsepower!

Sounds easy. Not really.

So why am I focusing so much on the space shuttle? Because I haven't quite found all of those 16 million horses to get me clear off the launch pad.

How did I do in my first week? I didn't get in as much walking as I wanted. I definitely drank more water. Discovered that the walls in my bathroom could use a good scrubbing down.

Eating healthier- not so great.

Making myself sit and work on writing - Better.

But I'm not giving up. This is something I want... so I'm taking a breath... backing up... and going for another try.


Lori-ann said...

Starting always IS the hardest part... or it could be sticking to it when it stops being fun and actually becomes work. One of the two! ;)

You actually HAVE begun, you just don't realize it. The habits you create for life are the ones that happen slowly, not the craze ones that turn your world upside down. Continue doing the things you wanted to do for this week and add something else. That way it won't seem so overwhelming.

Jaime Theler said...

Get your own set of wings and fight that inertia!

Monday - 2 miles on the elliptical, so I think we count that in with the spinning miles.
Tuesday - 10 miles spin

Lori-ann said...

I've been counting my elliptical miles with the walking miles. I need to count up from the last time I updated. I'm getting behind!

Matt said...

Very cool post. And very true. I love your comparison to the shuttle and thank you for dumbing down some of the science for me!

Conversely, like a parachuter (parachutist?) or a bomb, its much harder to stop once I get into a bad habit. Not eating right, not writing. Sometimes I can feel like I'm in freefall without those Bugs Bunny airbrakes, you know?

Ok. Not as elegant as your post, but hey...

Deborah said...

Love the comparison of being in free fall with bad habits. I totally know what that feels like.