Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Audience With a Queen


The other day, after bringing in the wood for the stove, I heard a loud low pitched buzz from the other room. Moments later a very large buzzing insect flew into my bedroom and headed straight for me. I screamed (yep, I screamed) and took off. I didn't have the presence of mind to see where it went.

I regretted that oversight for about 24 hours. I couldn't find said insect until the next day. I had to sleep with one eye open.

I knew it wasn't large enough to be a bumblebee. But it was too big to be a wasp or one of the yellow jackets we have to chase out of the back yard every summer. I suspected it was a queen of some sort.

I didn't want her to set up residence inside. (Scary)

Finally she came out. I shut off the lights and opened the curtains to tempt her to the daylight. I went out side and looked through the window to see what I had. There she was, a very large, very bright colored Yellow Jacket Queen.

I didn't feel honored.

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K.M. Weiland said...

Don't usually see those this time of year. They make nests under my eaves in the summer, and sometimes I'll see them buzzing around in the fall. But I don't think I've stumbled across one in the winter.

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