Monday, October 4, 2010

A Month of Giveaway Awesomeness!


Bookmom Musings wants to do a give away because her birthday is in October. In the tradition of the world's favorite people, Hobbits, she has decided to give away gifts to celebrate her birthday and reaching the magical number of 100 followers. I've been persuaded to join her.

October is my favorite month. I love watching movies about witches, ghosts, ghoulies and...


I'm looking forward to a month of scary stories. Last year TV was disappointing, but I have a plan for this year. The Library. Bua ha ha.

To quote Bookmom Musings, "Post a comment--any comment--on any of the posts for the week (except this one), and you are entered to win the giveaway(s) of the week. Now, if you want to blog about my giveaways, become a follower (and I hope you do), tweet about my blog, or put up a billboard, that's great!"

And if that wasn't awesome enough (which it is), go visit Bookmom Musings who is doing some giveaways, too. So you can mosey over to her blog and get double the chances to win something in the... drum roll and reverberating echoey movie announcer voice...

Month of Giveaway Awesomeness!!!

My newest followers:
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Angie Lofthouse at Notes From the Writing Chair

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Angie said...

Sounds like fun! I just came over from Jaime's blog.