Monday, October 18, 2010

Awesome Give Away #3


But first...

The Winner of Give Away #2 is....
Yea! Hurray! *Cheers and Whistles*
Pendragon Inman

Let's keep the fun going with Awesome Giveaway #3 in the Month of Giveaway Awesomeness. But first, make sure to check in often in the next 2 weeks, because we will be giving away more than one thing a week.

Lately there is an addition to quite a few new books making it to the bookstore shelves--a play list. I'm not 100% positive but I think this started with the Twilight books. Not only is a list included in a lot of these new books, but the website of the authors quite often features a complete or partial list of songs that set their muses to working.

When I find music the helps me get into that alternate reality, I play it exclusively while I'm writing that book. I played the Batman soundtrack (Hans Zimmer) for nine months straight. Manic Bloom is another group I've played for months on end.

This week I'm not offering something different than Bookmom Musings. This will be another chance to win the the Unseen Album from up and coming Electronica artist Lori Cunningham.
All you have to do is comment on any blog this week to be eligible to win.

Join Lori's mailing list on ReverbNation and receive access to unreleased music. [Lori Cunningham's official website]

See my review of Lori Cunningham's [Unseen here].
See a video of Lori Cunningham's up and coming project Emeria on [Bookmom Musings].


L.T. Elliot said...

I love Lori's music! My husband and I listen to it all the time! =D

Stephanie Abney said...

So, I'm guessing COMMENTING on THIS blog works for the contest? BTW, you intrigue me. That's probably a good thing for an author. Take care.

Pendragon said...

YAAEEEEEEEEE How totally cool is that? I love dragons. Thanks!!! :) I'll have to post a giveaway sometime in return :) sweetness. What a perfect surprise for such a hard week.