Monday, August 2, 2010

Write what you love


While my computer spent time in the computer hospital, I caught the crud and endured a few sleepless nights thinking about writing.

Every writer I know hopes their work will be the next blockbuster. I know writers who write with that goal solely in mind. I’ve fallen prey to that malady myself.

While feeling crummy, it occurred to me that trying to write the next blockbuster could be an inspiration killer. How about is? Worrying that the story will be interesting enough for a million people to want to read could paralyze the thinking process.

Most of the time it does. It did for me. I have two rejected manuscripts to testify to that misguided approach.

How does one predict what the readers want next? Trying to guess could cause you to spend prodigious amount of time on a dud.

What if, instead, you write something you love? Write that book you would eagerly order from There’s a huge chance your book will have more life in it than the best seller you’re trying to write.

And who knows…..

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