Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SoCNoC Update


You probably can tell by the lack of blog posts that I've been giving this Southern Cross Novel Challenge an honest effort.

I'm a little behind on my projected word count. I should be at 25000 words, which is half of the goal. I had to pause for a little while to do some thinking about the back story because I found myself spinning wheels, writing the same scene about four times which I didn't realize I had done until I read it. (Different characters, but the same scene. Really--the same scene... different dialogue, but saying the same thing--practically.)

So as I take a needed breath to see where I'm going, I see that I've learned some valuable lessons.

I really can put out a lot of words every day, but I have to banish the perfectionist editor. He's locked outside yelling to get in, but I'm diligently ignoring him.

I really do have to have to get rid of the time wasters, like TV and the phone and movies in the afternoon... with my sister... ummmm.... yeah.

And I have to tell myself that there's time for one more paragraph before bed instead of watching Top Gear. You have to know what a sacrifice that is.

There's no not writing just because I'm not in the mood. Most of the time, after a paragraph or two, I can be back into it. And if not, I have something to edit later. I can't edit what's not there.

Food is necessary to keep the brain fog from rolling in. A walk will clear my head if a late lunch doesn't do it.

I need a glimpse of some kind of road to keep me from writing in circles.

Writing in the middle of the night sometimes works. But sleep works better.

And no matter how hard it is, I can keep going because there's an end.
That's the great thing about challenges.


Jaime Theler said...

Sounds great! Keep going!

Miles for yesterday: Running = 5

K.M. Weiland said...

Good job! Gotta love how much writing we can get done under time constraints. I always write the most in the last fifteen minutes of my writing session.

Jaime Theler said...


Miles for March = 45 running at least 60 spinning

Miles for April = 50 running, probably 45 spinning

Rick said...

Hey, are you ever coming back?!