Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Are You Sure You Want To Be A Writer?

IF SO....

you must be willing to embrace the inevitable despair that accompanies doing your best.

Of all the arts, writing is perhaps the most difficult. It’s not a performing art, so you don’t have the immediacy of a live audience to let you know how you’re doing. It’s only black marks on white paper--

Um... computer screen

--it’s not pretty like painting or architecture. Everyone thinks he can do it, so writing has little prestige.

It can be lonely work.

So we have to get used to the despair.

And keep on writing, of course.

Note: I also watch my musician friends work on their recordings just as hard and with the same hope that writers do. And looking to future success in the same way. And feeling the despair. Yet keeping on....

What do you do to keep going when you want to chuck it all and take up knitting? Or sleeping?


Hannah said...

I want to do far too many things when I grow up! And i have to pick ONE for college...:(

andrea said...

Set deadlines and then time myself to meet them: one hour of writing, then half an hour of something else (something fun to do that doesn't involve typing or on-screen reading). Then an hour of writing, then half an hour of something else. I do this over and over again. :-) Generally I watch a movie (during the half hour increments), and that takes my mind off of writing enough so when I get to my hour of work I'm ready. :-)

Jaime Theler said...

I grit my teeth and just keep going. Or read a book I love and rekindle my love of story, and the hope that someday I can come close to it.

Miles: 15 spinning, 5 running

Caledonia Lass said...

I just keep plugging away. Either I read a book or books, or watch one of my favorite inspiring movies. But I keep going, through it all. I do take long hiatuses (sp?) but still work through places I am stuck in my mind.
It is difficult, but I think it is worth it. :D

Anonymous said...

I love what you say about everyone thinking they can write. And I really love to hear people say they just don't have time. It's tough, but we continue, because we love it!