Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Twitter - Not a Waste of Time


Just say "I've been accused of being a tease. But that's not true: it was suspense. And that's an honored writing skill. " [see last post 8/17/09] So here is the reveal.

Since I've joined the Twitter world, I've been following several agents and authors. From them I've learned valuable things about the book writing business.

I like following authors best though. They Tweet about what they're doing, such as cooking, attending writing conferences and their conversations with other writers. The one thing the published writers all have in common from the majority of the unpublished writers, is their approach to writing.

They write... All the time.

Once in a while they come up for air, Tweet about what they've done, then tell the Tweeterverse what they're going to do next.

Reading their Tweets has been a huge lesson in reality. These writers treat writing like a job, and it's obvious in what they Tweet.

For example:

* "Writer's block" isn't an option. I got kids to feed, man.

* Books don't write themselves. You might think they do.

* Time for lunch (finally.) Then more words. I can't play all day, much as I'd like to.

* Writing the worst piece of dreck ever is still an improvement over "not writing." You can't get better unless you actually DO IT.

* (continue) Besides you have to have something to edit.

* And the timer has rung, so it's time to turn off the modem and focus on writing. Wish me luck.

* A few more words, then I can finish cooking dinner. Just a few more words...

* Choices, choices. A night spent adding another few thousand to the book, or reading? The agony of decision.

Okay... So I really need to change a few things.

And you can learn something from Twitter.


Lori-ann said...

Man, mostly what I get is "buy my cd, vote for my band," blah, blah, blah. Musicians are the worst at pushing themselves in a terrible way. Oh, it's either that or a whole bunch of useless tweets of quotes. People, I don't care to read that 50 times a day!

Deborah said...

Lori-ann: Twitter can be more than a place for shameless promoting. I keep adding and deleting, then keep the ones I like. Keep trying.

Hannah said...

I need to be like them....why does that sound so hard???

Jaime Theler said...

I hear you on changing things. And starting tomorrow I will. *gleeful*

Put me down for 15 miles spinning.