Monday, August 24, 2009

Contest - Win a cd from Lori Cunningham

Win a cd of UNSEEN

Here's the deal... Listen to these promos from the coming cd Emeria, a project that she's working on with Adam Amos. Then leave a comment about the overall sound and what is unique about them. Plus, what other groups or projects they sound like.

From Lori: "Please help Adam and me write a biography for Emeria. I will give anyone and everyone a copy of my solo album, “Unseen,” if we use even a part of a bio you submit. There’s a potential for a lot of cd’s to be given away this month!"

I'll send your comments on to Lori Cunningham's blog, Reflections. They'll be added to the comments there and she'll pick the ones she likes.

See her blog [Reflections] for more information.

1 comment:

L.T. Elliot said...

Hypnotic, hip and haunting.(I totally chose those by accident. No "h's" intended.) An interesting blend of foreign and familiar sound that stirs and resonates. The music feels urban and eternal at the same time.

Thanks for introducing me to it. I'll be sure to pick up a copy when it's available. =]