Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Camera Woes


I'm getting ready to leave for a writer's conference and thought this would be a great time to learn how to use the digital camera Cory gave me. I've been saying for while I need it so I can add my own pictures to my blog.

So I climbed up to the top bookshelf. Yes, climbed. My bookshelves go all the way to the ceiling. Got the camera from the back corner...

dusted it off.

Uh-oh. Problem. The camera isn't a digital.

I could have sworn it was a digital. You know, "Here, I got a newer, better model, this is still good, do you want it?"

Well, it wasn't exactly Precambrian, but not much better than Jurassic in the modern age of computers.

What I held in my hands... *wiping off the several months layer of dust--cough, choke.*

I don't get up to the top bookshelf very often. That's where I keep my really old books... and really old cameras, apparently.

What I held in my hands was

A Minolta Freedom Zoom 115 Date.

Fancy name, but not a digital.

When I looked it up on line I found it on a Camera Museum web site courtesy of Mr. Martin. [Mr. Martin's Web Site] Cameras, computers, calculators, bicycles, typewriters, cars, and other tech.

Which would explain why there isn't a view thingy on the back.

What I thought I had, a Minolta DiMAGE s 414.

But didn't.

This is a 2003 camera, which still makes it ancient. But it has a view thingy on the back. Minolta withdrew from the camera business in 2006.

Second problem. I still don't have a digital camera to tote around the writer's conference. So, I'll have to beg and borrow pics for future blogs... you know, of all those famous authors I'm getting to hobnob with.

Random thought...
I wonder if my old Instamatic is up there in those dusty bookshelves somewhere.


kannan said...
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Nova said...

Hi Deborah,

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I do realism painting now its funny that others share the same experimental encounters.

Where is the writers conference you are attending? I saw on your profile that you live in Colorado so I'm assuming it's there.

I am also in the market for a new digital camera. I have a DSLR but it is so darn heavy to carry around. So if you ever purchase a nice point n shoot please if you don't mind let me know what you think of it.

Hannah said...

You found it cataloged....in a camera museum? That is funny!!!!!!

You're going to a writer's conference?! Lucky person! Next time, TAKE ME WITH YOU!! PLEASE!! *puts on the saddest begging face ever seen on the planet*

Although, it's during school....that would be bad.....

Still, that's completely AWESOME.

Deborah said...

Hannah - Next time. I promise.

Matt said...

Plus, I found a newspaper up there next to the camera and apparently the Beatles broke up! Oh man!

I've been going through old boxes, tossing things out that I've held on to for too long. Most of it is truly junk, but I'm coming across cameras that belong in a museum as well.

Deborah said...

Matt - You're absolutely hilarious. Yeah, I'm really bummed about the Beatles. It was such a shock.

Jaime Theler said...

It's the rare Minolta-saurus. Before the evolution of the view screen-thingey and eater of English rock bands. Beware! LOL