Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mystery Solved - Super Cars Exposed

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Several weeks ago I was tagged to play a strange blogger game in which I had to tell six of my quirks. [see post here] One of my quirks is my obsession with Hummers, Jeeps and super cars. Another one of my peculiarities is not being able to sleep in the silence, I have to have the TV on all the time. I can't sleep if the thing is off.

Soooo, soon after my head cold abated I woke up in the middle of the night to a show on SpeedTV, called SuperCars Exposed. I was instantly wide awake. "That's it!" That was the show I had seen when my thoughts were so blurry I couldn't remember anything except the cars.

And, sure enough, there was that cute guy I couldn't remember, speed driving a Porsche around a snow course in Vail, Colorado. I couldn't believe I hadn't recognized him.

Tanner Foust
Race car driver, drifter extraordinaire and host of SuperCars Exposed.

(For those who don't know - drifting refers to a driving technique and to a motor sport where the driver intentionally oversteers, causing loss of traction in the rear wheels through turns, while preserving vehicle control and a high exit speed.)

Anyway, in this installment of SuperCars Exposed Foust was trying to find a Porsche Carrera to test drive. He wasn't having much luck. He ended up in an exotic car dealership in Denver, but it had snowed so he didn't take the car out. The Carrera is an exclusive (only 1200 of them) and expensive car. It sells easily at a half a million.

Porsche Carrera GT

So Foust decided to try his hand at selling one.

The hapless guy he cornered was wearing a Ferrari hat. Foust tried to get him interested in the Porsche Carrera in a round about way by introducing him to a Ferrari Enzo.

A cool one million dollars.

Are you kidding me????


When the gentleman Foust had sitting inside the Enzo protested that it was a million dollar car, Foust pointed out that the Porche Carrera was half as much. The look on the guy's face said it all.... and this is better... how?

We weren't told if Foust made the sale or not.

Tanner Foust was allowed to drive a Carrera he finally found in Malibu. The road was closed so he could give the car everything it would take. Being a car that can reach 205 mph without trouble, it went around every curve flat out, even when Foust took it drifting. YIKES.

Ummm, mountain road! Drop offs!

Well, this was a long round about way to say I found the show that had me so entertained while I was feeling crummy. I'm glad because it isn't a one time show. I can add it to my other car shows.

You know...

One million dollars aside...

I wouldn't mind having one of those Ferraris.

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Jaime Theler said...

Oh, wow! Look at those cars!!! I'm drooling, too. And the host ain't half bad, either.

Loved the ending of your post. LOL