Sunday, December 14, 2008

The First and Second Days Of Christmas

Status: Trying to get into the spirit
Song: The Story - 30 Seconds To Mars

I was going to do a blog a day for the 12 days of Christmas, only I had technical problems with not remembering how to add a link. (So basic and simple...I'm a dummy sometimes.)

A partridge in a pear tree.

Had a snarky comment to put here, but I seem to have lost the mood. So I'll just put in 2 turtle doves...

Got some snow in the middle of the night (that's Saturday/Sunday night). Not much--just a skiff. Well, two inches, really. And it was melted off anything important by noon. Around here that's all we usually get. Though at times we get two or three feet. Where I grew up we got several feet every year. The only way to walk around town was to use the shoveled paths. The streets were usually lined with piles of snow. And at both ends of main street were huge piles of snow where the town kids played.

(Not my picture...haven't yet learned how to use the camera Cory gave me.)

David Stevenson of Manic Bloom had a cute blog the other day about people who don't see snow very often. He, obviously, knows what snow is all about. Check it out--it's a fun read. David's Rant.

Been having trouble lately making headway on my new novel. So I stuck on Manic Bloom and cranked it up until it pushed everything in the world out of my house. They help me as much as Muse helped Stephenie. They are so getting credit on the acknowledgments page and maybe even in the back. Writer's block is the worst.

Note: Got my comments feature fixed. It is now easier to add comments.


Lori-ann said...

Your 2 turtle doves are classic...

Don't stress too much about the writer's block. Sometimes NOT stressing about it and allowing your mind to take a break gets those juices flowing again. At least it works for me with music.

Jaime Theler said...

I agree. Love the turtles! Go for a walk or something, get the endorphins going. :-)

And chero...