Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cleaning up some old drafts, Jury Duty, Book Review of The Apprentice, Final Fanatsy

Status: Cleaning out the files
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I'm taking some time to address some of the subjects I had left saved as drafts.

No. 1: I was called to jury duty a few weeks ago. I've been called twice before, but this time I made it farther into the process. I was actually sitting as juror number 12. After several hours of listening to all the questioning of the potential jurors, and answering questions myself, it wasn't difficult to put together what the case was actually about.

The judge at the beginning read to us the charges and explained the kind of things we were going to hear, 'graphic', so it was easy to figure out what the defense wanted to focus on, 'some people lie'. The Prosecutors wanted to focus on other things...the graphic stuff.

Late in the afternoon I felt I had to speak up about some of my feelings on the whole thing. I was allowed to talk to the court out of the presence of the rest of the jury pool. I answered all of their questions...which went into my past pretty extensively. I basically told them I had a problem with judging someone as not guilty when they weren't innocent.

Needless to say, after it was all over the defense team asked for me to be dismissed. Oh, well. I was pretty hammered by the time it was all over.

No. 2
: I'm putting a review of my book The Apprentice here, mostly so I can access it without having to link to the original. I will still link to it, of course, but this is in case that site goes down. It happens from time to time.

"The Apprentice" by Deborah Talmadge-Bickmore
It has occurred to me to ask, has anyone else read this book? It was the very first fantasy/romance cross I ever read, and I loved it. It was also somewhat a (failed) pioneer in the field, since it was published back in 1989--long before LKH opened up the genre with her Anita Blake novels.

I looked it up today and found that critics gave it a largely bad rap, and for all the wrong reasons. They stated an passive aggressive heroine and that it was "predictable" in that you saw many of the plot twists coming, and I think it was one of the biggest misunderstandings of the book I had ever seen.

The heroine was passive aggressive because she'd been abused all her life and didn't know how to fight back yet (one of the very FEW times I have approved of a passive aggressive heroine--what she was was not only perfectly natural, but classic symptoms of an abused child), and the "secrets" and "twists" the critics speak of...weren't. The author never kept anything from the reader because it wasn't important, it was only important the characters keep their secrets from one another. The book was based on character interplay and the lush atmosphere she created, and she really could make you stand right there, out on a cold mountain side with that timid but highly intelligent young lady, buckling down in too thin clothing to engage in back breaking labor while pondering with a mixture of loathing, unbidden attraction, and fear for the man who has waltzed in through the keep's front door to ever so quietly shake her whole world to their foundations.

This was THE book that got me hooked on paranormal/fantasy romance, and after reading it (*in* 1989) it set me on a 4 year search for more stories like it in a time when they just weren't being published. It wasn't until I stumbled across Anita Blake in 1993 I even began to see hints of the same sort of crossover between genres (though for a while the Silhouette Shadows series made a nice stop-gap measure). It still remains one of my all time favorite books, both in general and as a romance in particular.

Does anyone else even remember this book? Did anyone else ever read it? Katfireblade

Final Fantasy Video

This is for Ian and the rest of the boys who were excited when I found it. (I have to include myself because this is really COOL.)



Lori-ann said...

That IS a great review!!! Wow - keep that one in your files, that's for sure.

Jaime Theler said...

I love the way you incorporated all your drafts. Way to go! And Ian did chores today singing Skillet at the top of his lungs. Hmmm. Wonder where he got that?